Competition Rules & Regulations

  • Competitors have 30-seconds to form their snowball from the snow provided, have it approved for weight and form compliance, and get their throw off within the time limit. Failing to do so disqualifies that throwing attempt.
  • Competitors can not artificially enhance the condition of the snow at any time or, add any substances to the snow or, use any tools or throwing aids that enhances, or can lead to the enhancement, of the forming of the snowball and trajectory of the snowball for the competitor.
  • Competitors are permitted to wear dry gloves or mitts, or no hand garment at all.
  • Snowballs are not permitted to contain ice or other objects/particles.
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to forbid any snowball from the competition if it deems the forming of the snowball to be an advantage to the competitor over other competitors.
  • Competitors will lose their throw if they cross the line with any part of their body before release of the snowball.
  • The organizing committee will intervene immediately with any unfair competition situations and if not remedied immediately, any protest or conflict will be assessed by the rules committee for conflict resolution with a ruling to follow immediately.
  • Must be 19 years of age or older to compete for the world championships.

Participants who were professional cricket, baseball, or softball players (signed professionally or semi-professionally, or represented their country in an international competition are ineligible until ten (10) years after retiring from the sport.